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PicoSure Tattoo Removal

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PicoSure Tattoo Removal inBellevue, WA

Serenity Rejuvenation Center’s Dr. Stephen O’Connell is proud to be a CynoSure luminary provider of PicoSure® Pro, the best tattoo removal in Bellevue, WA. This first-in-class picosecond laser device is adaptable to all skin types and can effectively remove even dark pigment ink. Experience results that will change the standard of tattoo removal with the next-generation technology of PicoSure Pro.

Early Laser TechnologyFor Tattoo Removal

Early heat based laser technology for tattoo removal utilized energy to heat ink pigments out of the skin, this method had a higher likelihood of keloid scarring and pigmentary problems. Additionally, it required double and triple the amount of treatment sessions.

A Technological Leap forTattoo Removal

PicoSure Focus represents a significant advancement in laser technology. It operates in picoseconds, delivering energy much faster than the nanosecond lasers. This increased speed creates pressure and allows for more effective ink particle breakdown, especially in stubborn ink colors.

Setting a New Standard forTattoo Removal

The PicoSure Pro is the latest iteration, offering even more precise and efficient ink breakdown. It combines the benefits of PicoSure with enhanced versatility, and increased power, making it even more efficacious for a wider range of tattoos and skin types.

How Is PicoSure Better forTattoo Removal?

The upgraded technology of PicoSure Pro delivers incredibly precise and rapid pulses of energy over fractions of a single second (picoseconds) that target ink pigments without damage to surrounding tissue. The laser shatters ink pigments for easy elimination through the body’s lymphatic system. The groundbreaking technology of the system provides unprecedented capability to remove unwanted tattoos comfortably and effectively with fewer treatments and no downtime.

Candidates forPicoSure Pro

Tattoo removal with PicoSure Pro is FDA-cleared for individuals of all skin types and tones who desire full or partial removal of unwanted ink. The multi-platform device is equipped with a range of applicators that work effectively on any size tattoo as well as in more confined treatment areas. A consultation will ensure the potential candidate’s compatibility with treatment.

What to Expect DuringPicoSure Pro

While undergoing tattoo removal with PicoSure Pro, you can expect a comfortable and efficient procedure. The treatment area will be prepped and cooled for your comfort. While you may experience a mild snapping or tingling sensation, discomfort is minimal and manageable. If needed, prescriptive numbing agents are available, Dr. O’Connell can discuss this with you during your consultation. The duration of each session varies and depends on the tattoo’s size and complexity.

What to Expect AfterPicoSure Pro

Recovery from PicoSure Pro does not require downtime, you may experience mild redness and swelling that subside within a few hours to a couple of days. You can resume your regular activities immediately after the session. Some blistering of the skin may occur, it is imperative to follow post procedure instructions carefully. Over the ensuing weeks and months, you will witness the gradual fading of your tattoo as your body’s natural processes eliminate the ink particles. For optimal results, an average of three to six treatments is required versus the twenty to twenty-five treatments with previous methods.


To ensure that PicoSure Pro is a safe choice for you, a consultation with our physician, Dr. Stephen O’Connell is the first step. Dr. O’Connell is a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, and his experience with Cynosure® laser platforms extends back to their earliest generations. This initial meeting will have the doctor evaluate your concerns, ensure your safety, and create an individualized treatment plan for your tattoo removal goals that he will review with you in detail.

How Much Does PicoSure Pro Tattoo Removal Cost?

Tattoo removal is a highly customized treatment, so the cost varies among patients. Serenity Rejuvenation Center enhances the accessibility of its tattoo removal services by accommodating patients with the convenience of accepting CareCredit®, ensuring that individuals can pursue their aesthetic goals with ease. Included in the individualized treatment plan created during your consultation will be detailed price information.

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