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Serenity Rejuvenation Center is proud to offer relief from excessive underarm sweat (hyperhidrosis) with miraDRY® treatments in Bellevue, WA. This revolutionary non-invasive device is approved by the FDA for permanent relief of underarm hyperhidrosis symptoms. After one to two miraDRY treatment sessions, patients experience a life-changing reduction of underarm sweat and odor.

What CausesExcessive Sweat?

While the exact cause of primary hyperhidrosis is yet to be fully understood, it is believed that hyperactivity in the sympathetic nervous system and genetic influences play a role. Individual patient factors such as diabetes, thyroid disease, or menopause can trigger symptoms of secondary hyperhidrosis.

CandidatesFor miraDry

Individuals who avoid participating in activities, feel constrained in their clothing choices, or experience skin irritation from excessive moisture may be ideal candidates for miraDRY. With only 2% of the body’s sweat glands being in the armpits, treatment will not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

Candidates for miraDRY often include individuals who have not found suitable relief through first-line solutions such as prescription antiperspirants or medications. Patients undergoing periodic Botox injections for temporary symptom relief may want to consider miraDRY. Certain health factors are not compatible with miraDRY, so a consultation is necessary to ensure safe treatment.

What to expectDuring miraDry

A miraDRY procedure begins with an antiseptic preparation and numbing of the treatment area with a local anesthetic. The handheld applicator is placed in the armpit and moved during the treatment area to deliver the wavelengths of microwave energy while keeping the skin’s surface cool and protected. Sensations of warmth and suction experienced during treatment are not considered painful and are well tolerated with a local anesthetic.

miraDryRecovery and Results

Recovery from miraDry does not require downtime. Patients may experience a few days of swelling, tenderness, or bruising in the treated area. Additionally, a painless lumpiness sensation is often part of the healing process, which dissipates throughout the first few weeks and is nothing to be concerned about. Patients see a reduction in symptoms starting one to two days after the first treatment session, and significant relief at one month. Depending on the severity of the condition, a second treatment spaced 90 days apart may be needed to achieve optimal results.


A comprehensive consultation with our physician, Dr. Stephen O’Connell, is the first step to determining if miraDRY is right for you. The doctor will review the details of your symptoms and evaluate your health and medication history for a meticulous and nuanced evaluation. Safe and effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis, and Dr. O’Connell is board-certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the gold standard of certification credentialing in the United States.

How Much DoesmiraDry Cost?

The cost of miraDRY varies and is influenced by patient factors, such as the need for a second treatment. An individualized treatment plan that includes detailed price information will be provided at your consultation.

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