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Dr. Stephen O’Connell

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Meet TheDoctor

Dr. O’Connell grew up in a medical – military family having lived throughout the country before initially settling in Washington State. He is a University of Washington alumni, where he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. After graduating from The University of Washington, Dr. O’Connell moved to southern California where he completed medical school at Western University of Health Sciences. His holistic and comprehensive approach to medicine inspired him to aspire for more than most physicians by undertaking both the (osteopathic -D.O.) and the (allopathic- M.D.) step series of board exams: COMLEX(s) & USMLE(s). Aesthetic Laser Medicine & Surgery is one of Dr. O’Connell’s passions and areas of expertise, which began over 25 years ago when he himself was a patient. His initial interest was sparked from a seminal experience in the 1990s while seeking care for a skin-related condition.

After numerous trips to various doctors with no clinical improvement in his skin condition, he was finally introduced to a combination of laser and light procedures which worked well for the condition that he was seeking help with. Upon ensuing maintenance treatments at various facilities throughout different parts of the country; he was surprised at how different the clinical results were following “the same treatment”. In retrospect, it became clear that several variables were contributing to inconsistent clinical results, including different technologies, variances of quality in medical device manufacturing, and most importantly, the wide range of knowledge & skill levels of the providers. It also became apparent that this skill set wasn’t taught in any post medical school -formal residency or fellowship training program. The field of aesthetic laser medicine and surgery was learned through self-exploration, mentors, and through aligning with organizations such as American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS).

Dr. O’Connell has been a long-time member of ASLMS and is a current and active fellow. As a gesture of gratitude toward his profession, the ASLMS organization, and the people in his community; he is collaborating with ASLMS in providing philanthropic radiation tattoo removal for cancer survivors in the State of Washington through The New Beginnings Radiation Mark Removal Program.

The International Association for Physicians In Aesthetic Medicine is an organization that Dr. O’Connell has been a member of since 2012. He maintains weight loss management education & certification through the program‘s offerings and integrates this into his practice. He is very passionate about offering weight loss solutions for his patients as being overweight or obese is associated with increased coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, hypertension, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, and sleep apnea (to name a few disease processes).

Through course work and study through the Academy of Preventative & Innovative Medicine, Dr. O’Connell’s core philosophy continues to evolve with further emphasis on Preventative Medicine and Health, culminating in his earning an Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Certificate of Training Completion.

Dr. O’Connell’s postgraduate medical school education included an Internal Medicine Internship year at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, three-year residency in PM&R at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Top 10 Program in the country), and a year of fellowship training at the University of Washington.

As a resident at the world-renowned University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine – he was actively involved in research, culminating in key authorships in two of the most prestigious journals in his field, Spine Journal and PM&R. He also won Best Resident Oral Scientific Paper Presentation at the state level, “The Rex Newton Award” and at the national level for “Outstanding Oral Scientific Presentation” at the Association for Academic Physiatrists Annual Conference.

As a fellow at The University of Washington, he was first author on a book chapter in Pain Medicine & Interventional Pain Management: A Comprehensive Board Review, titled Local Anesthetics and Membrane-Stabilizing Drugs.

He is Board-Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) , and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation .

What is a PM&R doctor? A PM&R Doctor completes at least 4 years of formal intensive training after 4 years of medical school. Many physicians such as Dr. O’Connell engage in additional years of fellowship training beyond the 8 years required.

With extensive research, clinical training, procedural volume, and experience at top-tier University Academic Programs and Hospitals, Dr. O’Connell brings with him an enthusiastic philosophy rooted in academic excellence and in real life experience.

Dr. O’Connell has many interests in the broad field of medicine, all of which have been true to the mantra of the core PM&R specialty- “improving quality of life”.

The Serenity Rejuvenation Center Team & Dr. O’Connell believe that through a triad of striving for the best version of ourselves in form, (internal health), function (physical performance & capability), and through external self-care, we optimize self-confidence thereby- “improving quality of life”.

Current Credentials Highlights

  • Washington State Osteopathic Physician & Surgeon License
  • American Board of Medical Specialties – ABMS Certified
  • American Board Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – ABPMR Diplomate
  • American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – FAAPMR Fellow
  • American Society Of Laser Medicine & Surgery – ASLMS Fellow
  • Academy of Preventative & Innovative Medicine -ABHRT Certified
  • International Association For Physicians In Aesthetic Medicine- Weight Loss Management Certified
  • Cynosure Luminary Status

Personal Interests

Enjoys time with family & friends, partaking in anything vintage pacific northwest as well as traveling (time permitting). Other past & present Interests include:

  • Music History
  • Art History
  • Previous competitive soccer & football player, current avid Seahawks fan Previous competitive water & snow skier, now occasional weekend warrior
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Continuing medical education – in topics outside specialty areas
  • Jogging