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When Hormone Replacement Therapy Is the Answer?

As we get older, our hormones start to go down, which can cause an imbalance and problems like osteoporosis, mood swings, and forgetfulness that come with getting older. The good news is that hormone replacement therapy can help balance estrogen and progesterone levels, ease physical problems, and prevent or treat issues that come with aging.

At Serenity Rejuvenation Center, we offer hormone replacement therapy for people who have gone through menopause tailored to their needs. But when will you if it is the right time to get one? Let’s check out this blog post below.

The Function of Hormones in Your Body

First, let’s understand how hormones help your body. Hormones are essential to how our bodies work. They are chemical signals sent by glands in the endocrine system and control many of the body’s functions. As mentioned above, aging enables our bodies to start to make fewer hormones, which can cause an imbalance that can hurt our health.

With that, hormonal imbalances can cause problems like weight gain, hot flashes, mood changes, and trouble sleeping. These problems can hurt our quality of life and make our health and well-being worse as a whole. But with Hormone replacement therapy, these challenges you face can bring your hormone levels back to where they should be.

So, what is hormone replacement therapy?

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment that involves adding or replacing hormones that your body isn’t making enough of, usually because of menopause, getting older, or certain medical conditions. HRT can treat many symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood changes, vaginal dryness in women, low libido, fatigue, and muscle loss in men.

What Happens During HRT?

During HRT, estrogen and progesterone are the main hormones women get more of. Estrogen helps control your menstrual cycle, keep your bones strong, and keep your vagina moist. Conversely, progesterone is essential because it helps prepare the uterus for pregnancy and keeps the menstrual cycle in order.

For men, testosterone is the primary hormone that one can replace during HRT. Testosterone is what makes men have things like a deeper voice, more facial hair, and bigger muscles. It also helps keep your bones strong, your sexual drive, and your energy up.

Hormone Replacement Therapy at Serenity Rejuvenation Center

By now, you know that hormone replacement therapy can benefit people who are getting older or have gone through menopause. But ensuring the proper treatment is used for the right problem is essential. Hormone replacement therapy, which can be done at our medical spa Serenity Rejuvenation Center, can help eliminate the root cause of “unhealthy aging.” So, how do we do it?

Our Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

Our treatment works by balancing each woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels. This helps relieve physical symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and dryness in the vaginal area. It can also help prevent osteoporosis and keep the skin from aging quickly. With HRT, you can also prevent or relieve many age-related symptoms, such as bone thinning, vaginal dryness, poor sleep patterns, thinning hair, mood swings, and poor concentration.

Our Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

The Men’s Health program at Serenity Rejuvenation Center helps men with hypogonadism, or low testosterone levels, get their stories back to normal. This allows men to feel great, function at their best, and live life with energy. Besides, clinical studies have shown that increasing testosterone levels in people who don’t have enough of it is safe and can help reduce many of the problems of getting older.

When To Know if HRT is The Answer?

Well, you should talk to an expert first. They can look at your symptoms and determine if an imbalance in your hormones causes them. Again, look for the most common signs! Some of it concerns hormonal problems: hot flashes, mood swings, less libido, tiredness, and trouble sleeping.

If your doctor thinks you have an imbalance of hormones, they may suggest HRT treat it. But it’s important to remember that HRT isn’t always the best choice. To decide if HRT is safe and proper for you, your doctor will look at your age, medical history, and overall health.

Risk & Benefits

The risks and benefits of HRT are other things to think about. HRT can help with the symptoms of hormonal imbalances, but it can also make health problems like blood clots, strokes, and breast cancer more likely. Your doctor will weigh these risks against the possible benefits of HRT and help you make an informed decision.

Ideal Candidates

Like most treatments, it’s important to remember that HRT differs for everyone. There are different kinds of HRT, and what works best for one person might not be the best choice for another. Your doctor will work with you to find the type and amount of HRT that works best for you.

In addition to your health, you should consider your personal goals and how you live. HRT can help with the symptoms of hormonal imbalances, but it is not a miracle cure. You’ll still need to change your lifestyle.

Your Unique Treatment for Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you have signs of an imbalance in your hormones, you should talk to your doctor to determine if HRT suits you. HRT can be a good treatment option, but it does come with risks, so it’s essential to make a decision that fits your needs and situation.

Serenity Rejuvenation Center will carefully examine your health to see if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. Dr. O’Connell will plan an in-depth evaluation survey, including a complete physical exam and lab tests to determine your health status, key hormone levels, and disease risk markers in blood work or through symptoms. We want to make your life better for as long as you live.

Call the Serenity Rejuvenation Center in Bellevue, Washington, to make an appointment with Dr. O’Connell for hormone replacement therapy. We also have other services to offer, such as Men’s Health, PicoSure Rejuvenation, and even those who want to achieve something for their weight loss. See you around here at our clinic!

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Serenity Rejuvenation Center PLLC, is a Medical Spa in Bellevue, WA with expertise in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM& R), aesthetic laser medicine & surgery, and weight loss. The Serenity Rejuvenation Center team’s goal is to partner with our patients/clients in optimizing self-confidence thereby improving quality of life.