I got the Mira-dry treatment done to eliminate sweat and odor and my experience was so amazing! I was really nervous because of reviews I read and watched online prior to my treatment and after getting the treatment I can say I wish I had never watched those. I nearly backed out of doing the procedure because of them. But I am beyond thankful I followed thru! The procedure itself was practically painless..maybe two spots on each underarm that I felt the laser on and they were tolerable and only lasted seconds. The numbing was the most pain and even that was not considered painful. A few pokes in each underarm. After the treatment I got very swollen and I am on week three of recovery and still have some swelling and lumps but not major, everyday it gets better. I am beyond happy with my results. I haven’t worn deodorant once since the procedure. This is so worth it and I can honestly say life-changing. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience!