Got laser hair removal here and was totally blown away! I’ve never had laser hair removal done before. I decided to purchase a Groupon for hair removal here and went for the full Brazillian. Having a lady you don’t know put her hands (and a laser!) all over your junk was super intimidating in concept, but once I met the technician I felt really at ease – she’s incredibly friendly and it wasn’t at all awkward. I have had two sessions of the Brazillian now, and each time took roughly 15 minutes in total, with an extra ~10 minutes for check in and finishing up. The laser removal process stung a bit, but it was nowhere near as bad as the internet made it sound like it would be. The closest comparison I can think of is pinching a bit of skin between your fingernails lightly. The best part? After ONE session, I saw over 75-80% hair reduction in my bikini area. I was pleased as punch. (My boyfriend was, too.) I’m considering getting the rest of my body done now, since the Brazillian process has been so painless. Super happy with my results and can’t recommend this place enough!