I had a friend recommend Serenity Rejuvenation to me a couple years ago. She was getting a laser hair removal treatment and saw an ad for their picosure laser, which removes tattoos. I had been getting tattoo removal treatments with a q-switch laser but the picosure laser promised fewer sessions and a much smaller chance of scarring. Switching to Serenity Rejuvenation to get my tattoo removed was the best thing I could have done. I have been going to school in Oregon and I would plan weekends to come to Bellevue just to get a laser treatment from them. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they made me feel very comfortable for a rather uncomfortable process. I first started my removal process in August of 2015 and had four q-switch treatments before switching to Serenity Rejuvenation in December of 2015. I have had five treatments with them since (I did not get any during summer 2016 in order to avoid potential scarring from the sun), and my tattoo is practically gone. There is a little shadow of it still, but you wouldn’t really be able to see it unless you were looking for it. I would absolutely recommend going to Serenity Rejuvenation Center and seeing Dr. O’Connell for any tattoo removal process.