I waited until my treatments were finished to write my review. I’m a HUGE fan of this place and I have had 3 different treatments done here now. I highly recommend them! They have been nothing but friendly, professional, affordable and accommodating in the last year and a half. I originally came only for laser hair removal, but have ended up coming back for a few other treatments as well.

Laser Hair Removal – I did legs, bikini and under arms. It takes six sessions for the hair to go away completely and it does come back in-between each appointment. I had really amazing results after about 3. I would say only half of the hair was coming back by that point. Now that I am finished I never have to shave anymore. I don’t know what took me so long to do this! I can’t imagine a life of shaving ever again. I highly recommend asking for Liana. She’s super friendly, makes you feel very comfortable, and never misses even the slightest spot!

Veins – I had a few veins on my legs lasered away. This normally takes 3 appointments, but mine were gone in 2!

Tattoo Removal – I have had 7 tattoos (a total of 40 sq inches!) removed by Dr. Stephen O’Connell. A few of them are totally gone and we are now just working on the last few spots. He is kind enough to numb the areas with shots instead of just using a numbing cream like most places. Because I was doing so many sq inches at once this was a LIFE SAVER. It’s a very painful experience, but he has managed to make it as comfortable as physically possible. I am ecstatic to being seeing the final results! It was 100% worth it.