I recently had two IPL photofacial treatments at Serenity Rejuvenation Center and cannot say enough good things about this medical spa, the staff, modern equipment, pricing, convenient location and most important the phenomenal result to date. Prior to committing to the service I had done considerable research since I have had this procedure at other facilities in the past with mixed results. Their communication was great and reassuring through emails and phone calls. Dr. O’Connell actually responded to my email- and informed me that they use a 2014 Palomar ICON- and after going back and doing my own research- I was convinced that this is one of the best devices available for this procedure On the first day of the treatment, I filled out some brief paper work followed by a thorough consultation performed by Dr. O’Connell and the laser technician ( Kristen). They answered all of my additional questions. Kristen performed the treatment and explained every step of the process.Their equipment actually has a melanin reader, a device used to objectively quantitate pigment and help adjust the settings accordingly. The device has a cooled tip which was wonderful, It was very tolerable, relative to treatments I’ve had in the past at other facilities, which were fairly painful, requiring numbing cream prior to the procedure. I tolerated the treatment at Serenity without any numbing cream, presumably due to the cooled tip.In summary, I’m very impressed with staff and after the first two treatments of a series of three, I have noted a 70 percent reduction in the redness and freckling on my face.I highly recommend Serenity Rejuvenation Center for IPL photofacial. treatments. I look forward to completing my series of three treatments, and will be considering other services in the future.