This review is for Juvederm lip enhancement.
After having several laser hair removal sessions here and being so pleased with the service and result, I decided to finally set an appointment for something I’ve been wanting for a long time: Juvederm in my lips!

The consultation with Dr. O’Connell was great, as always he really listened to my concerns (no duck lips, no real-housewives ridiculousness) and took a collaborative approach to my treatment. Having him explain all about how Juvederm works and what to expect in the healing process really helped calm any concerns I had. Pricing was exactly in line with what Juvederm injectables generally cost in this area.

At my first session, we used nearly a whole syringe and I really loved that he did the treatment slowly and allowed plenty of opportunities for me to take a look in the mirror and make sure I was happy with the progress. His technique is to be conservative and add more if needed, which I was super happy with. He also really listened to the goals I had (keep proportions, focus more on top lip) and was thoughtful about where he placed the filler.
The injection itself is moderately painful although it does have numbing in the Juvederm so it gets better as you go on, but brace yourself for a bit of a pinching feeling and a very odd “inflating” feeling as the filler goes in.

I had a moderate amount of swelling the next 3-4 days but it was not unsightly or uncomfortable. I actually had zero bruising!

*Follow up:
At my follow up 2 weeks later, I opted to get another syringe and Dr. O’Connell added more to my lips, I think I have about 1.5ml in total and I’m really loving it. This time I requested numbing cream, which really helped with the pain.

*Happily ever after:
My friends have complimented how natural the appearance is, and I truly agree and am so glad I finally opted to have this done. I’m obsessed with how great they turned out. I love the look and feel of the final result and may even add more in a few months. Check out my photos!

I highly recommend both the procedure as well as Dr. O’Connell’s skill and expertise.