Amazing and Lasting Results

I had stubborn belly fat and love handles which bothered me and won’t go away no matter what I did – exercise everyday, diet even fasting. I saw a Cooslculpting commercial on TV and decided to research it and I discovered Coolsculpting with Serenity Rejuvenation Center on Yelp. The friendly, helpful staff and Dr. O’Connell helped me to understand what CoolSculpting is and helped me to define the areas need to be treated in order to achieve the kind of results that I wanted. The team worked hard trying to get the applicators positioned just right so I can get the maximum result. They treated both my abdominal area and love handles. Each session took 1 hour in total it took 3 hours which went by pretty quick watching Netflix :). In additional it was painless and allowed me to carry on my daily activities right away. I strongly recommend CoolSculpting at Serenity Rejuvenation Center for your stubborn belly fats. I am 8 weeks post proceedure and I am very satisfied with my results that I want to share my experience. I reccommended 2 of my friends already.