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Serenity Rejuvenation Center
5 5 Star Rating based on 46 reviews
14670 NE 8th Street Suite 115 Bellevue, WA 98007

“Definitely recommend this place”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 20, 2020

Great place. Very accommodating and friendly. The doctor is an expert and he did a great job removing my tattoo. Definitely recommend this place.


“Dr. O’Connell and staff are awesome!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 15, 2020

Dr. O’Connell and staff are awesome! Easy to schedule appointments and don’t have to worry about parking 🙂 Had 5 sessions of laser hair removal with Amanda. She is very thorough and always made sure I’m comfortable during the treatments. I have about 90% reduction now and ready to start other areas. I also had picosure focus laser facial and Coolsculpting done in the beginning of last summer. Dr. O’Connell was very detailed with treating my acne scarring and freckles. Lately, I started to notice the collagen stimulation part, which was explained by Dr. O’Connell that collagen can take up to 5 months to see textural improvement. As for Coolsculpting, my lower tummy pooch is now GONE! Strongly recommend this clinic.


“I look forward to return visit”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 10, 2020

Very impressed with this establishment. Had facial fillers done years ago and returning soon. Very happy to see they are continuing to do great work. Dr. O’Connell awesome and I look forward to return visit.


“This doc knows his stuff! Highly recommend!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 5, 2020

This is regarding Dr. O’Connell’s Preventative Medicine/Men’s Health Program. Great value for the expertise provided. Clearly well read and well educated. My program included consultation, lab interpretation, lifestyle discussion, medication management, symptom monitoring, body composition assessment . After having signed up for a year long program at another Bellevue Testosterone mill, this was an entirely different experience. Akin to a concierge medicine model. 5 star. This doc knows his stuff! Highly recommend!


“I’ve had a fantastic experience”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 2, 2020

I’ve had a fantastic experience for laser hair removal underarms and bikini with Rubye. she makes you feel very comfortable and she is very professional! Highly recommend.


“Thank you guys for the wonderful experience!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 25, 2020

I got the Mira-dry treatment done to eliminate sweat and odor and my experience was so amazing! I was really nervous because of reviews I read and watched online prior to my treatment and after getting the treatment I can say I wish I had never watched those. I nearly backed out of doing the procedure because of them. But I am beyond thankful I followed thru! The procedure itself was practically painless..maybe two spots on each underarm that I felt the laser on and they were tolerable and only lasted seconds. The numbing was the most pain and even that was not considered painful. A few pokes in each underarm. After the treatment I got very swollen and I am on week three of recovery and still have some swelling and lumps but not major, everyday it gets better. I am beyond happy with my results. I haven’t worn deodorant once since the procedure. This is so worth it and I can honestly say life-changing. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience!


“I would recommend Serenity Rejuvenation Center”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 20, 2020

I would recommend Serenity Rejuvenation Center to anyone wanting cool sculpting, Their staff is very nice and informative and answered all my questions about the procedure. I definitely felt like I was in good hands during my treatment. I looked elsewhere to have cool sculpting done and Serenity Rejuvenation Center had reasonable competitive pricing and best of all I never felt pressured to purchase any services while talking with their staff.


“I recommend this place”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 15, 2020

I was very interested in coolsculpting ever since I saw the commercial on tv. I searched for providers close to me and I found Serenity Rejuvenation Center. I was very pleased with the consultation and the doctor was very knowledgeable and friendly. He made sure I am the right candidate before we started the treatment. The treatment was smooth, it did hurt a bit the first 10 minutes and after that I was fine. I was able to catch up with some of my favorite Netflix series. I recommend this place.


“Amazing and Lasting Results”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 10, 2020

Amazing and Lasting Results

I had stubborn belly fat and love handles which bothered me and won’t go away no matter what I did – exercise everyday, diet even fasting. I saw a Cooslculpting commercial on TV and decided to research it and I discovered Coolsculpting with Serenity Rejuvenation Center on Yelp. The friendly, helpful staff and Dr. O’Connell helped me to understand what CoolSculpting is and helped me to define the areas need to be treated in order to achieve the kind of results that I wanted. The team worked hard trying to get the applicators positioned just right so I can get the maximum result. They treated both my abdominal area and love handles. Each session took 1 hour in total it took 3 hours which went by pretty quick watching Netflix :). In additional it was painless and allowed me to carry on my daily activities right away. I strongly recommend CoolSculpting at Serenity Rejuvenation Center for your stubborn belly fats. I am 8 weeks post proceedure and I am very satisfied with my results that I want to share my experience. I reccommended 2 of my friends already.


“I couldn’t be more happier!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 2, 2020

I started to go to Serenity Rejuvenation Center for laser hair removal as a gift for my 16th birthday. Laser hair removal was something I have wanted for years, as having thick body hair was an insecurity of mine. The doctor filled me in on everything that they were going to do and I could not have felt more comfortable. The staff are so kind and welcoming. I really like the lady who does the laser treatment, she is very kind and makes the process go by in a breeze. The pain is almost unnoticeable, and goes away within seconds. I started using the numbing cream for purchase on more sensitive areas. After a few treatments, I haven’t needed to shave in months and my once extremely thick hair is now very thin and light! I couldn’t be more happier!


“I would definitely recommend Serenity Rejuvenation”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 25, 2020

I would definitely recommend Serenity Rejuvenation. I go for laser hair removal and have already noticed a difference in hair growth. The office is clean and welcoming and the staff is very friendly and professional. They are very knowledgeable and answer all my questions about the procedure. They are flexible in scheduling so I can always find a time even with my limited availability and the price is very reasonable. I did a lot of looking and reading reviews about places before deciding on Serenity. I feel comfortable there and am happy with the choice.


“Loved the service and the staff”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 20, 2020

I had three treatments of lazer hair removal and noticing a big difference in hair growth, I have very thick black hair and might need one more treatment. loved the service and the staff


“I would highly recommend Serenity for any tattoo removal”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 15, 2020

I have been to Serenity Rejuvenation Center twice now for a tattoo removal (a band on my upper arm) As painful as it is to feel the zap of the laser, it is great to see the tattoo fade away. I would highly recommend Serenity for any tattoo removal.


“I would absolutely recommend going to Serenity Rejuvenation Center “

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 15, 2020

I had a friend recommend Serenity Rejuvenation to me a couple years ago. She was getting a laser hair removal treatment and saw an ad for their picosure laser, which removes tattoos. I had been getting tattoo removal treatments with a q-switch laser but the picosure laser promised fewer sessions and a much smaller chance of scarring. Switching to Serenity Rejuvenation to get my tattoo removed was the best thing I could have done. I have been going to school in Oregon and I would plan weekends to come to Bellevue just to get a laser treatment from them. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they made me feel very comfortable for a rather uncomfortable process. I first started my removal process in August of 2015 and had four q-switch treatments before switching to Serenity Rejuvenation in December of 2015. I have had five treatments with them since (I did not get any during summer 2016 in order to avoid potential scarring from the sun), and my tattoo is practically gone. There is a little shadow of it still, but you wouldn’t really be able to see it unless you were looking for it. I would absolutely recommend going to Serenity Rejuvenation Center and seeing Dr. O’Connell for any tattoo removal process.


“Dr Stephen O’Connell is fantastic”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 10, 2020

I have had 4 tattoo removal sessions here at serenity. I am so glad I found this facility after moving from California. With its state of the art picosure laser and great location, it’s a must for those wanting to zap away past ink regrets. They will give you the best results possible.

Dr Stephen O’Connell is fantastic. He really took the time to explain the procedure, put me at ease. He really has a passion for what he does.

Dr O’Connell and the great staff at serenity will make you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure. They’re great.

I am very happy with my results. I have seen great fading with my tattoo!


“Doctor was very professional”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 5, 2020

Dr. O’Connell and his assistant (I forgot to get her name!!) were so nice and made me very comfortable with my first IPL treatment.

Doctor was very professional and took time to explain the procedure and what results were expected to happen, including darken brown spots (not to be scared!)

He communicated with me entire time during the treatment so that I feel comfortable knowing that what was going on my face (big flashy bright lights!) and told me “this might feel a bit of pain” whenever sensitive spots were treated such as around mouth.

Luckily, I felt almost not pain! I think that it’s due to the skill of the doctor and preparation played a huge role into that. (prep= numbing cream and being relaxed)

I would go back to them with same treatment, if needed.

Or any other treatments that I might consider to be done in a future!


“Overall, I was happy with the experience!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 2, 2020

I went to Serenity Rejuvenation for IPL, and had a consultation first with Dr. O’Connell. He was very patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. Going in for the IPL, the assistant took her time cleaning my skin first and Dr. O”Connell performed the procedure, testing my skin first, and then performing the procedure, which he talked me through so I wasn’t surprised at any point. The pain was manageable, and I was out of there in less than 30 minutes. The price was reasonable, I didn’t feel pressured to buy some kind of package. Overall, I was happy with the experience!


“Very happy and I’ll be back!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 27, 2019

Awesome IPL photo facial for reasonable price. I have had IPLs at various places in different parts of the country over the years, most recently at another place in Bellevue. I paid double than I did at Serenity Rejuvenation Center. The doctor at SRC also did the procedure, and much better clearance of my dark spots than previous treatments. Very happy and I’ll be back!



5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 23, 2019


I went into get IPL and heard about HCG program.

I wasn’t sure but wanted to try and it actually worked for me. I was able to lose 20lbs. And I’m back for my 3rd round to get more pounds off!!


“Dr. O’Connell really took the time to listen to my needs”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 19, 2019

Dr. O’Connell really took the time to listen to my needs. We decided weight loss was the proper first step. I have had one cycle of the HCG injections, and they really work! I am looking forward to a second round soon. Keep up the great work Dr. C and team!


“I achieved my weight loss goals and would highly recommend Serenity rejuvenation center!!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 15, 2019

I needed help with my weight loss and Dr. O’Connell thoroughly explained the HCG program. He was knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and has a very kind nature.
The staff was personable, professional and efficient.
I achieved my weight loss goals and would highly recommend Serenity rejuvenation center!!


“The doctor is amazing with lip injections”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 12, 2019

I’ve been to many medical spas and I must say serenity rejuvenation is my favorite. The esthetician did an amazing and fast Job with laser hair removal. With only 2 treatments I see amazing results. The doctor is amazing with lip injections. A very clean and friendly environment. 5 star spa !


“I highly recommend both the procedure as well as Dr. O’Connell’s skill and expertise”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 8, 2019

This review is for Juvederm lip enhancement.
After having several laser hair removal sessions here and being so pleased with the service and result, I decided to finally set an appointment for something I’ve been wanting for a long time: Juvederm in my lips!

The consultation with Dr. O’Connell was great, as always he really listened to my concerns (no duck lips, no real-housewives ridiculousness) and took a collaborative approach to my treatment. Having him explain all about how Juvederm works and what to expect in the healing process really helped calm any concerns I had. Pricing was exactly in line with what Juvederm injectables generally cost in this area.

At my first session, we used nearly a whole syringe and I really loved that he did the treatment slowly and allowed plenty of opportunities for me to take a look in the mirror and make sure I was happy with the progress. His technique is to be conservative and add more if needed, which I was super happy with. He also really listened to the goals I had (keep proportions, focus more on top lip) and was thoughtful about where he placed the filler.
The injection itself is moderately painful although it does have numbing in the Juvederm so it gets better as you go on, but brace yourself for a bit of a pinching feeling and a very odd “inflating” feeling as the filler goes in.

I had a moderate amount of swelling the next 3-4 days but it was not unsightly or uncomfortable. I actually had zero bruising!

*Follow up:
At my follow up 2 weeks later, I opted to get another syringe and Dr. O’Connell added more to my lips, I think I have about 1.5ml in total and I’m really loving it. This time I requested numbing cream, which really helped with the pain.

*Happily ever after:
My friends have complimented how natural the appearance is, and I truly agree and am so glad I finally opted to have this done. I’m obsessed with how great they turned out. I love the look and feel of the final result and may even add more in a few months. Check out my photos!

I highly recommend both the procedure as well as Dr. O’Connell’s skill and expertise.



“Dr Connell is very detailed and personable”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 1, 2019

This is the best place to get your injections and I’ve been in NYC and CA; Dr Connell is very detailed and personable. He consults on every injections, takes an inordinate amount of time to make sure the results are perfect; his assistant is also very knowledgeable and spends time recommending, analyzing results. Both also great conversationalist and make the “patient” very comfortable and feel like I am very much a part of the process; does not push extra procedures and is very attentive to keeping the face very natural. Would recommend to anyone


“I highly recommend anyone to go to serenity”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 25, 2019

I had Juvederm filler for my nasal fold performed by Dr. Stephen O’Connell. Results were amazing, all my friends told me that i look 10 years younger. Dr O’Connell answered all my questions before the procedure and took time to explain to me exactly what needs to be done and what the results will look like. I’m very happy with the results and with the friendliness of the staff. I highly recommend anyone to go to serenity for a Juvederm filler treatment.


“I highly recommend and I’ve sent several friends and family their way”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 22, 2019

I’ve been Botox’ed all over the west coast, including Beverly Hills, and this place is my favorite. First, you get the injections from a doctor. An actual medical doctor who spent years working with neurological disorders, he knows where all the nerves are! This is incredibly important, it basically insures that the rare botox issues don’t happen. He’s also incredibly nice, always remembers me and what I told him last time, and he does an awesome job getting the most effect with the least amount of product. He even strives to do less botox with each appointment. I will always trust my face to these people. I highly recommend and I’ve sent several friends and family their way.


“Definitely recommend!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 19, 2019

It’s always a hard decision to find a good place for these types of treatments but I couldn’t speak more highly of Dr. O’Connell and the entire staff. So professional, great customer service and great results with my Botox. Definitely recommend!


“The doctor was extremely knowledgeable”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 15, 2019

I received Botox for the first time today from Serenity Rejuvenation Center and I’m glad I found this place! The staff was very warm and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable and explained the process very well regarding what to expect. I’m very excited to see the results! Thank you, SRC!


“I highly recommend them!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 13, 2019

I waited until my treatments were finished to write my review. I’m a HUGE fan of this place and I have had 3 different treatments done here now. I highly recommend them! They have been nothing but friendly, professional, affordable and accommodating in the last year and a half. I originally came only for laser hair removal, but have ended up coming back for a few other treatments as well.

Laser Hair Removal – I did legs, bikini and under arms. It takes six sessions for the hair to go away completely and it does come back in-between each appointment. I had really amazing results after about 3. I would say only half of the hair was coming back by that point. Now that I am finished I never have to shave anymore. I don’t know what took me so long to do this! I can’t imagine a life of shaving ever again. I highly recommend asking for Liana. She’s super friendly, makes you feel very comfortable, and never misses even the slightest spot!

Veins – I had a few veins on my legs lasered away. This normally takes 3 appointments, but mine were gone in 2!

Tattoo Removal – I have had 7 tattoos (a total of 40 sq inches!) removed by Dr. Stephen O’Connell. A few of them are totally gone and we are now just working on the last few spots. He is kind enough to numb the areas with shots instead of just using a numbing cream like most places. Because I was doing so many sq inches at once this was a LIFE SAVER. It’s a very painful experience, but he has managed to make it as comfortable as physically possible. I am ecstatic to being seeing the final results! It was 100% worth it.


“Extremely 5/5”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 10, 2019

The staff is kind and attentive despite me being an awkward mess, and I can’t argue with the results of my skin treatment! Extremely 5/5.


“Changed my life, my work outs, my work performance, my love life!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 5, 2019

Have been seeing Dr. O’Connell a few times over the last year. Was new in town and initially met him for botox. SRC staff has been great. As I have posted before- I have been a botox consumer in southern Cal for years – and this is the best injector I have encountered. As I have gained the trust of the doc, I have ventured into metabolic analysis and hormone optimization and this has changed my life- my work outs, my work performance, my love life! Thank You Dr. O’Connell


“He did an amazing job and I was amazed”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 2, 2019

I have been a client of Serenity Rejuvenation for about 4 years now and continue to be blown away, not only from the great work that Dr. O’Connell and his staff does, but also by their amazing customer service. Dr. O’Connell, Andrea and the other staff members genuinely care about their clients and it shows in the work they do! I have been to a handful of other medical spas in the Seattle area and had poor experiences before finding Serenity Rejuvenation.

Previously, I scheduled a CO2 laser procedure with a medical spa in West Seattle. After taking time off of work, scheduling rides to and from the procedure, picking up prescriptions, preparing for a week of down time, and paying for the procedure, the other med spa was unable to complete the procedure. While my face was all numbed up and I was laying on the table, the CO2 machine they were using broke and they were unable to treat me. Upset, I was able to call Serenity Rejuvenation the following day and after explaining my situation Dr. O’Connell and his staff went out of their way to fit me in and treat me. He did an amazing job and I was amazed at how well my skin looked afterward. I was also able to save some money after being refunded by the other med spa because of Serenity Rejuvenation’s competitive pricing.

I am always blown away by how kind and professional the staff is and will continue to go their for medical services such as peels and laser treatments. Thank you Serenity Rejuvenation!


“Dr. O’Connell, is one amazing person”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 28, 2019

Dr. O’Connell, is one amazing person. He and his staff made me feel completely at ease and offered me the best treatment to help keep my skin healthy and youthful. Having suggested and chosen the Fractional Co2 treatment, I had one treatment with another to follow 4 weeks later.

After the first treatment my skin looked amazing. Age spots that began to appear before my treatment started to disappear, lines that were forming around my mouth and jowl areas were beginning to droop, making me feel old. In four weeks they too began to soften and the skin tighten, with many lines disappearing immediately!

I recently returned for my suggested second treatment and have already noticed my recovery has been much easier and I am healing at an even faster rate. I’m so excited to see my end results.

Dr. O’Connell informed me, it will only get better in the months to come. Who doesn’t want to hear that?

Not only, Dr. O’Connell and his staff recommend the best physician formula products that are available through them, from sunblocks to moisturizers and more.

The staff is outstanding and make you feel comfortable and walk you through the process so you are fully informed of what to expect. I highly recommend Serenity Rejuvenation Center. You will come to know that Dr. O’Connell and his staff are out to change your life and give you the best results they have to offer!

If I could, I give higher than 5 stars!!


“Highly recommend this place for any skin treatments”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 25, 2019

The BEST ever experience for CHEMICAL PEELS, laser hair removal. Highly recommend this place for any skin treatments.


“I highly recommend this facility”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 23, 2019

I am a repeat customer at Serenity Rejuvenation Center, I highly recommend this facility because Dr. Stephen O’Connell doesn’t try to sell you on stuff that you don’t need, when I first came I asked for Botox but I wanted a specific amount which was less then minimum that other places required… the price is awesome, the facility is clean and inviting, the doctor does a great job and he is very friendly as well If you are looking for good price and quality on Botox procedure, I suggest you check them out… here is my short 1 minute video testimonial


“I highly recommend Serenity Rejuvenation Center for IPL photofacial”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 20, 2019

I recently had two IPL photofacial treatments at Serenity Rejuvenation Center and cannot say enough good things about this medical spa, the staff, modern equipment, pricing, convenient location and most important the phenomenal result to date. Prior to committing to the service I had done considerable research since I have had this procedure at other facilities in the past with mixed results. Their communication was great and reassuring through emails and phone calls. Dr. O’Connell actually responded to my email- and informed me that they use a 2014 Palomar ICON- and after going back and doing my own research- I was convinced that this is one of the best devices available for this procedure On the first day of the treatment, I filled out some brief paper work followed by a thorough consultation performed by Dr. O’Connell and the laser technician ( Kristen). They answered all of my additional questions. Kristen performed the treatment and explained every step of the process.Their equipment actually has a melanin reader, a device used to objectively quantitate pigment and help adjust the settings accordingly. The device has a cooled tip which was wonderful, It was very tolerable, relative to treatments I’ve had in the past at other facilities, which were fairly painful, requiring numbing cream prior to the procedure. I tolerated the treatment at Serenity without any numbing cream, presumably due to the cooled tip.In summary, I’m very impressed with staff and after the first two treatments of a series of three, I have noted a 70 percent reduction in the redness and freckling on my face.I highly recommend Serenity Rejuvenation Center for IPL photofacial. treatments. I look forward to completing my series of three treatments, and will be considering other services in the future.


“Really impressed with the results”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 15, 2019

Very accommodative staff, got my laser hair removal sessions. Really impressed with the results. Andrea is very professional and explained every detail about the Procedure. I wish I had found this place earlier. You will never be disappointed, affordable price at a great location!!!!


“This place is great!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 10, 2019

This place is great! I was a bit nervous about getting laser hair removal from here because they constantly have Groupon deals going but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I saw such great results after my first brazilian hair removal that I added a package for my armpits too. I’ve received great service and they are very careful to make sure I’m a good candidate each time I go in. The only drawback is that it’s difficult to get an appointment because they are so busy. I would definitely recommend them!”


“I highly recommend!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 5, 2019

Great find! I first found out about Serenity Rejuvenation Center through a Living Social deal for laser hair removal (large area). I had six treatments for a single area and was so pleased with the results that I went back to do a second area. I researched many places before choosing Serenity for laser hair removal and I was not disappointed. Dr. O’Connell and his staff are always kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. I have only tried laser hair removal treatments here but because of how well it has worked I am going to look into more procedures as well! I highly recommend!


“They do good work!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 2, 2019

Just had my 1st of 6 laser hair removal sessions on the front of my neck. They’re flexible, friendly, and you can’t beat the prices! (Groupon) As long as you’re not looking for a high-end spa, you’ll be satisfied. So far, they do good work!


“Thanks Dr. S!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 25, 2019

I really dig this place. The girls make you feel very comfortable and they are clearly very experienced. The doc knows what he’s talking about and following protocol is number one on their list. I have already recommended this place to friends and will continue to go there for LHR and other treatments as needed. Thanks Dr. S!


“Super happy with my results”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 20, 2019

Got laser hair removal here and was totally blown away! I’ve never had laser hair removal done before. I decided to purchase a Groupon for hair removal here and went for the full Brazillian. Having a lady you don’t know put her hands (and a laser!) all over your junk was super intimidating in concept, but once I met the technician I felt really at ease – she’s incredibly friendly and it wasn’t at all awkward. I have had two sessions of the Brazillian now, and each time took roughly 15 minutes in total, with an extra ~10 minutes for check in and finishing up. The laser removal process stung a bit, but it was nowhere near as bad as the internet made it sound like it would be. The closest comparison I can think of is pinching a bit of skin between your fingernails lightly. The best part? After ONE session, I saw over 75-80% hair reduction in my bikini area. I was pleased as punch. (My boyfriend was, too.) I’m considering getting the rest of my body done now, since the Brazillian process has been so painless. Super happy with my results and can’t recommend this place enough!


“Very professional, knowledgeable staff”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 17, 2019

Serenity actually came through on their promises. I had a Living Social deal – and I was skeptical of Laser Hair Removal, as a I went to another national chain, paid almost $2000 and had NO results in two years -all while getting monthly treatments that were painful. Three treatments at Serenity, and I’d say I’ve had a 95% reduction in the area I had treated. The laser they use is a cool laser – still snapped, but nothing like the others used on me at the national chain.

Very professional, knowledgeable staff. Did not once try to upsell me, never felt pressured while I was there. They offer Groupon and Living Social deals often, so watch for those if you are skeptical. Otherwise, pricing compared to other quotes I had received for similar services. I would put them as a reasonably priced service overall.
Looking forward to going back to have other treatments done in the future!


“WOW! This place is truly amazing”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 15, 2019

WOW! This place is truly amazing. Very reasonable and the laser actually works!!! I previously had 6 sessions of laser hair removal done at a different place and saw maybe 1/10 of the hair disappear after the end of my 6th session. Now, I’m 3 sessions into my 6 at Serenity and almost all of the hair is gone.

I would recommend Serenity Rejuvenation Center to anyone wanting laser hair removal because my experience has been very pleasant and I’m very happy with the results. Provided I can still get reasonable prices, I will definitely stay here to complete all of my laser hair removal needs


“They have great products”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 13, 2019

Office that is very clean and inviting and explain things very well in relation to the process and procedures available. It’s pretty scary thinking about lasers and chemicals on your face, but after a couple visits, I’m a believer. They have great products, but don’t push them like some do, and I’ll definitely be back for more treatments in the future.


“I’m recommending this place to everyone I know!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 10, 2019

I can’t get over how amazing my skin looks after getting a facial here! I have had skin problems for the past year and a half and after one treatment from Kate almost all the acne and redness has gone away. I’m recommending this place to everyone I know!


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